My name is Shelley Tuazon Guyton.  I’m a student, traveler and writer, and some combination of these three is what winds up here on this blog.  I am using this space to work out the mind-blowing things I am learning about in grad school, and also as a splattering canvas for my experimentation in creative writing. Really, I’m just someone who feels deeply and wants to explore and understand as much as I can everyday.

  • apprentice anthropologist
  • reader and writer
  • language learner
  • spiritual, enjoying many beliefs
  • highly sensitive person (HSP) 
  • introvert, INFP-T
  • morning person
  • hopeless romantic

Studies: Typhoon Yolanda (Haiyan) Media Technologies Project

I am working towards my Ph.D. in Anthropology at the University of California, Riverside, with affiliation in the Southeast Asian Studies program.  I am studying how communities in Philippine coastal areas use media and communication technologies to monitor storms, and coordinate community-based strategies for disaster preparedness. .  If you’re interested in my past projects, you can find them here.


I’ve taken different opportunities to live abroad since a gap year I took to work in London, UK and Galway, Ireland.  I’m something of a slow traveler.  Living in a place is the most meaningful (even if somewhat contradictory) definition of travel to me.

I post to a separate travel blog here.


I started writing poetry as a last resort to escape the monotony of a high school Spanish class.  It’s been useful against all sorts of monotony, since.



  • Ph.D., Anthropology (currently enrolled), University of California, Riverside, affiliation with Southeast Asian Studies, Dissertation: “A Signal in the Storm: The Role of Media and Communication Technologies during Disaster in the Philippines”
  • M.A., Anthropology (June 2015), University of California, Riverside
  • B.A., Sociocultural Anthropology (December 2010), University of California, San Diego, magna cum laude and with highest distinction, minor degree in Literatures in English, Senior thesis: “The Filipino Author in English”



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